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Wrong currency (Q Mac)

bilabila Member
I have recently upgraded to Quicken for MAC 2020 subscription. I live in the US so all my accounts are in US dollars. For some reason, the header of each account category (Banking, Investing etc...) is showing the total amount in Euros in the menu on the left. If I open the page, it is showing correctly on the right in dollars. Not only is that weird but the exchange rate used is completely wrong. I researched it and it looks like there should be a way to change the currency for all the accounts but I could not find where. I found the currency table but it is not letting me change the currency to USD.
This is possibly a remnant of when I used Quicken when I lived in France and used Euro as my main currency?
When I searched for this, most answers said to go to the tools menu (there is not one in this version), select the currency list (could not find that list), select the currency to use as home currency (this is what I would like to do).
Any help is appreciated

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  • bilabila
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you so much! It worked.


  • bilabila Member
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you so much! It worked.
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