How to create a report based on description

Key information from my broker lands in the description field, a very particular detail. When I do a search on Any field for this detail, I get the correct results. Now I need to do some analysis. I have not been able to figure out how to get the same results in a report. There are about 250 rows of data, across more than one account so retyping or copying seems like much work


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    @hoffmandh - Are you referring to what is in the Memo field?  The account register column header says "Description" but if you click on the transaction "Edit" button you will see it is actually the "Memo" field that brokerage transaction details are entered into.
    You should be able to pull up the Investment Transactions report and filter it by Memo.  Or if you want even more flexibility in filtering/sorting the data, export that report to Excel.

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