How can I find the most recent data backup after a full restore from Carbonite?

Mac died, replaced it a few weeks later. I have Carbonite backup. I installed the latest version of Quicken but I don't know how to find the most recent data (weeks old by now). I'm afraid if I pick the wrong file I'll over-write something. Since everything is downloaded at the same time from backup there is no useful file date.

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  • auklet
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    thanks, you solved it. Follow up: my restore process has been going on slowly, for a week. I've left the Mac on, though it goes to sleep when unused. Is the restore process happening continuously even if the machine is untouched for hours? definitely getting impatient here :-)
  • jacobs
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    I don't know how Carbonite works, but I'd guess it's working even if the display goes to sleep. But you might want to go to your Energy Saver in System Preferences and set the computer to Never Sleep to make sure you're getting it to download around the clock.

    (This is one of the reasons I chose iDrive for my online backups: they can provide your data to restore on a hard drive they send you, eliminating the slow process of downloading hundreds of GB of data. It's included at no extra charge in the cost of the service. It will take several days to have it send out and receive it, and then to restore locally, but if you have 500 GB, downloading that could easily take a week or two, depending on your Internet service speed, and more if you have more data.) 
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