When will Quicken finally set up "Reports" and "QkReport" tabs per Quicken 2007

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When will Quicken 2020 finally set up "Reports" and "QkReport" tabs with the same features as Quicken 2007 ?

You'd think that after 14 years they'd finally figured it out ! Quicken has made progress on everything else but until they improve "Reports", I'll continue using Quicken 2007.

Really sad situation. Such great software but they still can't get this crucial feature right !


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    @mrvd  Well, I think it's unlikely they will return to the same user interface as Quicken 2007, but that doesn't mean they can't have the functionality users need.

    There are a lot of improvements which have been made in reports over the past year. More are still needed, to be sure, but many things we longtime Quicken 2007 users are looking for actually exist in the current Quicken Mac if you know how to access them. Some can be done with Reports, some can be done generating reports from filtered registers, and some can be done using "Report On…" contextual reports which are partly current Quicken Mac's answer to the old Quick Reports

    Could you give a few examples of reports functionality that you're looking for, and perhaps fellow users here can tell you if there are ways to do the equivalent in the current Quicken Mac.
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    It's not as if Quicken needs to reinvent the wheel. They just need to go to Quicken 2007 and copy what they had (have) under the "Report" tabs.
    For the life of me, I don't understand what is so complicated about that.

    I have been using Quicken since the mid 1990's and have subscribed to their Quicken Deluxe edition for two years now (just renewed) hoping that one day they'll get their act together. As you know, with the new MacOS 10.15, Q2007 will no longer work so I really hope they incorporate these missing features soon. Meanwhile I continue to use my old Powerbook with MacOS 10.14 and Q2007.

    To your question, as you also know, there are a number of standard reports in Q2007 that are all set up and ready to go. I particularly like one entitled "Budget Summary" which allows me to compare the actual expenses with the budgeted amounts per categories and for different time periods. I can't do this with Quicken 2020.

    This is just one example. I could go on and on but why waste your time. I just posted my question in the hope that some "genius" in charge of upgrading Quicken 2020 would read my complaint and maybe do what is needed. Basically copy what already exists. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Anyway, many thanks for your interest !
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    @mrvd  As much as all of us who loved Quicken 2007 would be happy if they could "just make it work like Quicken 2007", that's simply not going to happen.

    It's a new database, and a new user interface. It was created completely new. some of that is good; it's a much more stable and robust database, and many aspects of the user interface are actually superior (just one man's opinion) one you're worked with it for while. But they can't just copy-and-paste features from Quicken 2007 into the new Quicken Mac. You say "it shouldn't be too hard" -- but it absolutely is hard!

    When Quicken separated from Intuit 4 years ago, the CEO said it would take a year or two to get Quicken Mac up to somewhere near parity with Quicken Windows. We're now twice as long down the road…much better than where things were… but still quite a distance from having all the features of Quicken Mac 2007 or Quicken Windows. It's taken the past three years to build the new reports engine to where it's now getting pretty robust -- but still without some fear functionality. They're still working on it, but it will probably take another couple years to fill in some of the remaining holes. And they aren't going to just amen it like Quicken 2007; they're listening to what users say they miss/need, and developing those capabilities. Some things in Quicken 2007 probably very few users used, so they aren't going to invest time in re-creating those features. Some things as I mentioned above, actually exist in  Quicken 2020, but they're implemented differently. Some things have a different approach, such as the importance of using Search (which was weak in Quicken 2007) to find things and be able to turn them into a report.

    Anyway, I'm not intending to sound like an apologist for Quicken, because I'm not. It's disappointing that they lost so much time during the mismanagement of development under Intuit's ownership the first half of last decade, but that's water under the bridge now. It's disappointing how slow the development speed is, but the program is apparently quite complex, and they may not have as many programmers as we'd wish for them to go faster. What's good is that they continue to make progress, and hopefully that means Quicken Mac will be around for a long time. 
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