My MacBook Pro died, Quicken mobile app not syncing

Main question: Must I have Quicken loaded to a laptop/desktop for it to work with the mobile app?

A few weeks ago my MacBook Pro died due to water spilled on the keyboard. Because Connecticut is locked down at least through May 20th, I cannot get it looked at until an Apple store opens up locally. I have the Quicken app on my iPad Mini but it’s not syncing completed transactions from my bank. It IS syncing credit card transactions, just not the bank transactions (Wells Fargo). I’ve been adding/clearing them manually to Quicken but I shouldn’t have to do that, and I’m thinking it will cause problems down the road.

If my Pro is unsalvageable I was hoping to replace my dead laptop with an iPad Air or iPad Pro, but if I have to use a laptop/desktop for Quicken, I’ll need to decide whether to replace Quicken with a mobile-friendly app or get a new MacBook, which seems like a technological step in the wrong direction.


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    Hello @Dana108

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I am sorry to hear about your macbook. Troubleshooting on the mobile app is a bit tricky since it's meant to be used more as an additional tool. There's no real troubleshooting on the app for that reason other than if the notification to sign back into the accounts pops up.

    Back to your first question, quicken is primarily a tool for laptops/desktops so you would need a computer in order to use the product. 

    We do have another product that is cloud based called simplifi that works on whatver platform you're looking to use Mobile/Desktop. I will link you down below if you're interested in learning more about it.

    Hope this clears up some questions for you!


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    Thank you so much for your response confirming that a laptop is needed for Quicken. I took a quick look into Simplifi; although still in Beta testing it may soon be an option. It is good to know that if my watered-down MacBook is deemed unusable, I can replace it with an iPad and keep my Quicken accounts. Many thanks, much appreciated!
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    Unless iPad's now run OS X and not IOS, you can't use an iPad to replace your MacBook to run Quicken. Only the Quicken Mobile App is available for IOS.
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    Be aware that Simplifi does not allow you to import your existing Quicken data; it's only a solution if you want to start over. (That might change in the future, but it's the reality as of now. I can't imagine why Quicken didn't consider that to be crucial functionality for the first release... unless they don't want to cannibalize traditional Quicken sales.)
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    Thanks you for the info! Very good to know. I use Quicken only for recording bank and credit transactions, no investments or budgets, etc., so it may not be too difficult start over with Simplifi.
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