Quicken 5.15.3 Mac issues with changed categories

I just updated my Quicken 2017 to 2020, I reconciled a years worth of my credit card, then logged onto my bank and downloaded transactions from another account, when I went back into Quicken more then half of my personalized categoires have been changed to long alpha-numeric names....I called quicken support and they had me save my file to a WINDOWS QFX file, then open a NEW quicken file and import this , hoping the categories would magically be back to normal, they were not. So the person assisting me suggested I start all over, a totally new quicken file because I had TO MUCH history on this file......I am at a loss as I have 20 years of quicken and need my personalized categories.


  • John_in_NC
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    The QXF export/import won't resolve this, but you needn't start fresh. It isn't because you have too much data in your file.

    The usual culprit is Mobile Sync corruption and that is where those weird categories are coming from.

    You need to restore from an older backup (or even reconvert your 2017 file if you know how) and get that copy into 2020  so you have your data before the corruption occurred. Do not update accounts/sync. Then, immediately go into Quicken:Preferences:Connected Services and click on the option to Reset your Cloud data. This will upload a fresh copy of your data file to the servers and prevent those weird categories from being brought back into your file.

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    Hello @kts2023

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    I have sent you a direct message requesting some more information to investigate this issue further.

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