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Why has the FIND & REPLACE function been changed so much making it nearly unusable?

The following is a complete dissection of the F&R function and it's changes from the previous versions. And listing all the short comings in the UI.

The FIND/REPLACE icon in the top ICON bar is scanning all the accounts in the Quicken file whenever the FIND button is pressed. (It appears it can't be restricted to only a partial list of accounts or date range.)
When the FIND button is pressed on that window each time, it is refreshed with a current list of transactions that match the search value. Window re-display and re-sizing is a problem in some instances. This is another case where it would be nice if Quicken would remember the position and sizing.
Also, little known feature that I like (and hope that it never gets taken out) is if you want to go directly to a transaction that is shown in the list, simply single-click on the date field and you will be spirited there in double quick time. I didn’t know of that feature and I don’t know how long that was there! Since this window scans and displays transactions from ALL the sub-accounts, clicking on the individual transaction is a quick way to transport yourself to another place in the entire Quicken file.
It turns out that with some experimentation that the date field is a hot link in many other screens in various software programs.

Now to a list of the current problems in this version:
With the coming of ver Deluxe 4/2020: It appears that the FIND/REPLACE window logic has been changed for the worse. It starts out being displayed as described above as a small window in a static position - no change from the previous version. BUT for the worse is the fact that when I expand the window all the columns are nearly of equal size (before and after the first FIND)! This is a mistake since I now have to resize all the columns where in the previous version I only had to resize about 3-4 of the 10 columns. For instance the SELECT, DATE, CLR and AMOUNT are only one character, why does it need a wide column?. Now they take up too much space. And to compound this issue is when I resize the columns and then press on the title bar for one of the other columns to sort that data then some of rest of the columns will resize back to the default/original width rather then staying the size I had them. AND, if I execute the FIND command again then ALL the columns will resize back to the beginning default sizes of equal width. These are annoying changes! Please MAKE THE F&R WINDOW RE-DISPLAY EACH TIME JUST AS IT WAS SIZED THE PREVIOUS TIME.
When the FIND command is executed each time, and there are a significant number of transactions found… the screen takes considerable time to read the lines and display each and every one. The old version would display all the records in nearly one blink whether the first time or subsequent times.
1) The first time the FIND command displays the found transactions, they are ALL highlighted as if selected for changes. This is an assumption that ALL should be highlighted. Again, a mistake in my mind, and too easy to cause a mistake to happen.
2) Not only are all the transactions highlighted and checked to modify, the list is at the bottom of the found records. The list assumes the date column is the desired sort sequence. Same as previous version, but the list is at the bottom of the found list.
3) Question: why can't the program start by sizing the window and individual columns to the width they were left the last time used? Make the size of the columns as close as reasonable to the size of the data in the column - therefore the size would be very small for the SELECT and CLR columns where the data is one character. Then try to size the remainder of the column widths to the data in the column.
4) I would like it to continue to default to scanning all the accounts in the file but I would like to ask for other options. Allow for an OPTION window that would allow for modifying the scan selection criteria - like date range; list of accounts to scan, etc.
5) Provide for an override on the main window to remove the chosen from the restrictions window. Allow also the ability to get back to that window if desired. This can be simply driven by pressing a specific Function key possibly. Remember all the chosen options but disregard or adhere to them.
6) I would like to have the REPLACE ability to instead of providing for a complete overlay/replacement of the existing data in a field of the chosen transactions - provide for a more intelligent update of a portion of the field data.
7) When an F&R function was accomplished but subsequently hidden from view, and if one presses the BACKUP function, the next pressing of the F&R button at the bottom of the window will not show an F&R window filled out but rather it will show up as a simple Cntl+F window.
8) This is a stretch - A very useful feature to add to this process would be to make F&R able to scan multiple quicken files at the same time. Explanation: I am currently maintaining old accounts in the one Quicken file which are NOT current due to the fact that Account Numbers become obsolete for security reasons they are replaced by later/new account numbers. Somehow old files of transactions should be concatenated to the latest one for scanning and display but not necessarily changes to those files. This can take more time to scan, so it is important to return the speed that the old F&R process had. And this would have to use another OPTIONS window to allow the specification of the files to add.
P.S. I use the F&R window quite a bit, and it would be nice to make it as convenient as possible to use over and over. The way it is now is worse then it used to be. This is a major disappointment is updates for the worse. Please put it back the way it was if you can't make it better. I can't believe that any of the 500 users asked for the current state of the F&R process.


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why does clicking EDIT, then Find/Replace not work for you?
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • Roger_O
    Roger_O Member ✭✭✭
    The FIND/REPLACE function in the EDIT drop down menu is the same as the one on the ICON Toolbar that I have been using for all its time on my computer. I never even knew of one on the EDIT menu. It comes up the same as pressing the ICON and works the same. It is not as friendly (to say the least) as the one that existed in the previous version of 2017 that I've had for two or three years. But it could have been enhanced for the better too.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Elaborate upon "not as friendly".  Vague statements don't help anyone in enhancing the product.
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • Roger_O
    Roger_O Member ✭✭✭
    The NOT FRIENDLY classification that I politely used to describe the changes that I mentioned is to give my impression of the current state of the F/R screen and process as it is now. For all the years that I've used Quicken I've made use of the F/R screen A LOT. This is to not only find transactions that exist but also to make changes to spellings and character strings in those transactions for standards reasons. The fact that I have to make additional and repetitive hand movements to accomplish what used to be easier before the current version is what I'm describing as not friendly. First of all, the changes that have been made the F/R screen are harder to use not easier and not a benefit to my process.
    Firstly, I would have been happier if the F/R screen processing had not changed at all. I would simply continue on doing the handling in the same way. But since a statement was made by Quicken that 500 people (or 500 changes) were made to this version as a result of suggestions. I can't believe that anyone would have made a suggestion to make the F/R operate as it is NOW over before. IF the F/R screen had not changed, I would have made my suggestions for enhancement to make it much easier and quicker to operate from that version.
    There is already precedence for my desire to have the F/R screen remember and self-size from the previous use. There have been changes made to other screen(s) to make them more friendly. The Memorized Transactions screen will remember the display as it was from showing to showing and if re-sized by me. I can tailor the screen so the columns will fit the data better. Then when I minimize and redisplay the screen the columns are exactly as were tailored. And now there is an additional column of data showing the last time a memorized transaction was used. This is helpful.
  • q_lurker
    q_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'll admit I am not a big user of F/R function.  I don't have the investment in the feature that you do.  These comments are not intended to pass judgment on your requests or observations.  These comments are only intended to provide feedback or alternate viewpoints.

    1)  If you prefer that all found records not be preselected, the 'correction' to that is one click away -- Clear All.  (I have no preference one way or another and have no knowledge of why programmers went one way over the other.)  

    3)  You seem to be asking for contradictory actions.  First you ask for the columns to be as previously selected, then you ask for them to match the data widths as best possible.  Which is it?  If you change the search subject such that now a wide account name appears, should it stay on the previously defined width or change to match the wider name in the field?

    4)  I suggest that reports (Banking Transaction report in particular) is an already available method to 'Find' transactions in a limited account setting, date range, etc.  Further the report function allows for selecting multiple transactions and editing items such as Payees, Memos, Categories, and Tags.  Further for a single account, the search box for that account is virtually instant though always "all fields".  Again selecting multiple transactions gets you quick access to editing specifics for those transactions.

    5)  I have no idea what you are asking for there.

    6)  I think you are asking for the ability revise part of a field.  Something like change in a memo field "Foregn" to "foreign" regardless of what precedes or follows the original string.  Stated another way, allow the use of wildcards for the replacement function. 

    8)  Not going to happen.  Goes against everything Quicken has built so far and a nightmare to control.        
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