No place to enter deposits

I'm new to Quicken 2020, but was using the 2007 version.

My check register came with no place to enter in deposits. (Why?) Then I found one in the Columns Menu and added it. It worked. But soon it disappeared. Now the item "Deposits" has also disappeared from the Columns Menu, so I can't add it in at all!

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  • jacobs
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    In Quicken 2007, you may have also entered something such as "Deposit" in the (check) Number column. This was cosmetic, as all that mattered was whether you entered a value in the Deposit column of the register. If you did, those previous  entries can now be found if you make the Action column visible. This column has no functional purpose; it's there for people who want a way to denote certain transaction types. I personally keep it hidden from view, but I wanted to mention it in case that's part of what you were looking for.
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    Thank you both very much !
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