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Hi, my desktop failed so had to start using my Surface tablet. When I started it and logged in a pop-up asked if I wanted to use One Drive as backup. Without much thought I agreed however I had no idea that it was going to remove most of my "stuff" (Quicken included) from my HHD and put it on One Drive. Now when I open Quicken there is nothing in any register. I'm not panicking as the OneDrive\Documents\Quicken shows that each folder has the about the same used space as before so perhaps Quicken is protecting my data? That said, it won't let move the Quicken folder to my HHD. Any advice/solution would be very much appreciated!


  • splasher
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    I'd copy the contents of the Documents\Quicken folder to a thumbdrive first for safe keeping.  Then stop OneDrive from controlling/managing the C: drive version of that folder and if need be, copy the thumbdrive contents back to C:.
    Your Quicken data file (*.QDF) should never be in a folder that is managed by a cloud drive service like OneDrive, DropBox, etc due to the strong possibility of data file corruption.
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    Thank you splasher, Ill try that.
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