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Good morning. I am currently using the latest version of Quicken for Mac.
(Version 5.15.3 (Build 515.33035.100). I have been using Quicken for Mac for years.
Since conception of me using this program I have always just updated my program.
I am a little confused because when I have downloaded files from my financial institutes, I have always had to use the 2007 version for importing.
Should I create a new file by re-installing Quicken and then importing the file I have?
And is this even necessary? Just recently I have had some quirky issues with updating my accounts within Quicken.
Thanks for your help.


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    @tkctlw  I'm not sure I understand from your message where you're at now. You say you're using Quicken 2020, but you refer to using Quicken 2007 for importing.

    If you're just starting with Quicken 2020, you absolutely can import your Quicken 2007 data file into a new Quicken 2020 data file. And you can generally import data from your financial institutions in Quicken 2020 as well as you could in Quicken 2007.

    You referenced "quirky issues with updating my accounts within Quicken" but it's not clear if you mean your data didn't transfer correctly, you're having problem with downloads in Quicken 2020, or something else. Users here are happy to try to help, but you need to provide more details, and tackle issues one at a time.
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