Bond transaction download incorrectly matches to different security

I am using Quicken Windows 2020, on subscription, up to date as of today.

I have a Bond SMA account at Fidelity where I own individual bonds. The bond names are <CUSIP> <Company/Authority/Org Name> <percentage> <maturity date>. CUSIP numbers are 9 characters. For Bonds, the <Company/Authority/Org Name> <percentage> <maturity date> portion may not be unique, generally is but doesn't have to be. So CUSIP is really the guaranteed unique portion.

When I download Buy transactions from Fidelity, it tries to match the bond name with any of the existing securities I have seen before. Unfortunately, it appears to only match using the first 7 characters. I have a few US Treasury Notes in this account. 3 of them match on the first 7 character, only difference in the CUSIP is the last 2 characters (letters). So, if I am not very, very careful on the download, I can miss what Quicken thinks is a match, but is actually different. This has caused a few problems where I have to manually go back and fix transactions and have Quicken create new securities. This is problematic if Quicken doesn't actually recognize the bond and must create a new security ... it doesn't do a great job with manual creation --- you can't enter the CUSIP ID field, just use the CUSIP as the ticker symbol. Doesn't always work properly to get price updates ...

Is there some way to change/configure Quicken for Windows to use 9 characters for security matching instead of 7 so that bond names starting with the CUSIP match properly and prevent old and tired me from making mistakes on catching Quicken mismatches?

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    Thank you. No need to apologize, I actually didn’t expect a response, was just hoping I could get one. :-). Hope springs eternal.
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