has anyone successfully downgraded from home & business to premier or deluxe?

I currently use H&B, but looking at the comparison chart: https://www.quicken.com/compare I don't think I'm actually using most of the features I'm paying for.

I don't generate invoices, or use bill pay. I don't use any of business profit/loss reports, or the rental income reports, or tax schedule reports.

I think the only tax report I use is "Tax Summary", which I believe is just all categories that have the "tax related" checkbox ticked. Other than that, I tend to build my own reports by starting with something from the EasyAnswer section, and customizing it. I do use the Net Worth and Spending section reports.

I keep my business & personal categories separate for the most part by using each category solely for either personal or business transactions. For instance, "Salary" for personal $ received, and "Wages" for business $ paid to employees. Or "Utilities" for personal and "Utilities, Business" for business.

As far as I can tell, the only interesting H&B feature on that comparison list is "Easily categorize and separate personal and business expenses." Which means... what? That the business categories are pre-generated instead of having to create them yourself, and that the Account List is broken up into personal and business sections in the sidebar? Is there something more to this?

Has anyone successfully downgraded from H&B to Premier (or Deluxe)? It sounds like you'd lose the organized sidebar, and some of your saved reports, but all the categories should carry over. But Quicken being Quicken, I expect there might be some hidden nightmare lurking in the transition.


p.s. - On the Premier vs. Deluxe side: I do keep track of cost basis and individual lots, which comes in handy for tax-loss harvesting. But I could probably give that up if I had to, and just use my brokerage's website. I will periodically scan the Performance reports in the Investing tab, just to scan for red numbers. But in general, I don't feel that Quicken correctly calculates ROI, so I mostly just use it as a sanity check for poorly performing investments. (Deluxe claims "Track loans, investments, and retirement accounts all in one place*", but the asterisk seems to lead to a note saying, "Portfolio tracking included with Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business on Windows". It's unclear to me how you can track your investments without tracking your portfolio.)

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