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how do i enter unrealized gains and losses in my investments?

I have been trying to enter unrealized gains and losses but it does not appear that my accounts in the investing section allow me to do that. Is there something i am missing


  • Frankx
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    Hi @LisaD789,
    I think I can answer your question above with a quick question - do the various accounts and the underlying investments (including securities, etc.), that are in the "investing section" of your Quicken file, include the "cost basis" (generally the price you paid for those investments) and also the current market value (generally the number of shares/bonds/etc. and their current prices)?  If so, the unrealized gains and losses are reflected in the "Gain/Loss" column of the "Investing" tab.  If not, then you'll need to enter those data points for each of your investments and update the current market prices for those investments to get tht information.

    Let me know of you have any follow-up questions.


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  • NotACPA
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    And Unrealized Gain/Loss isn't a transaction type.  Rather it's the difference between the cost basis for each lot of the security VS the current price of the security.
    SO, individual Lots each have their own Unrealized Gain/Loss, which add up to the overall Gain/Loss for the security.
    I have several securities that have BOTH Unrealized Gains and Unrealized Losses in the individual lots ... but add up to either one or the other overall.
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