How to auto assign payment method to auto payments?

Is there a way to automatically assign a payment method to a auto payment?
For example, I make a few automatic payments each month via my bank account. In Quicken I set these up as auto payments and they get entered as such. That fine, but the Payment Method field (in the register) is blank. It would be nice to know (in the future) how this payment was made. I would think that "EFT" should be automatically assigned to these type of payments.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    When manually entering Bill Reminders into the registers we are given the option for assigning the payment method but it would be nice if we were given the option of doing this when the reminders are set up.  This would be especially valuable for reminders that get entered into registers automatically.
    I've suggested making this a product improvement (  If you like this idea, please vote for it.  The more people who vote for it the more likely Quicken will put it into the product development plans.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

  • Frank Jones
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    It's got my vote!
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