Getting all PayPal transactions

I just set up a PayPal account in Quicken for Mac 5.15.3. It linked up to my PayPal account and downloaded the most recent 3 months of transactions (2020-2-11 to 2020-5-11).

How do I get older transactions? I'd like to get at least 2020-01-01 to 2020-02-11.


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    Hi @gh,

    The number of months of transactions that can be downloaded is determined by the financial institution - in this case by Paypal.  Most financial institutions limit downloads to 90 days.  Since your recent setup returned the 90 days of transactions, I believe that the only other option would be to produce a Paypal "Activity download" report from the paypal website.  The problem is that Paypal does not provide a format that Q - Mac can currently import directly.  While I am not personally familiar with them, my understanding is that there are programs available on the web that can do a file conversion (in this case it would be from a QIF file to a QFX file). 

    Here's how to get the data you need:
    1. Log in to the Paypal website and go to "Activity" > "Statements" > "Custom";
    2. Make sure that "Activity Download" is selected;
    3. Change "Transaction Type" to "All Transactions";
    4. Select the "Date Range" that you want;
    5. Make the "Format" - "Quicken (QIF USD only)"
    6. Click "Create Report" and save the file to your hard drive.
    If you decide to go the file conversion and import routine, an important first step is to make a current backup of your Quicken data file before you attempt that process.

    Disclaimer - I am a Quicken Win user and therefore my knowledge of Quicken Mac is limited; I have not tested or performed this download/import routine on a Mac.

    Good luck!


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    @Frankx Unfortunately Quicken Mac will not import QIF files except for the case where they are creating a new data file (used for converting from a different personal finance program).

    One thought would be to find a QIF to QFX translator program that runs on the Mac.
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