What does "Select your existing data file to get started" mean?

I can't move forward and write checks that need to pay bills because I keep getting that message in quotation marks above. That means nothing to me. What should I do? I'm not a technical person. Thank you. jimshaffer [Editted to remove personal info]

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  • NotACPA
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    I removed your personal info to prevent it from being harvesting by spammers/scammers.
    re: your issue.  What Q product are you running and what BUILD of Q?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.  Also, what's your "Valid Thru" date, also shown there?
    What are you doing (step by step, please) when you get this message?  It sounds like you don't have a data file open ... but if that were the case then how could you write checks?
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  • JimShaffer
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    I can't do checks because it doesn't do anything but ask me about a data file, but I don't know what a data file is or what to do with it. I have to write checks manually with a pen and a blank check because it tells me what to "select your existing data file" without telling me how to do that. Therefore, I never get to a place to write check with Quicken.
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