How do I completely delete password vault?

I don't know how I did it, but I had several instances of my bank and credit cards in the password vault. Then I did something clever and changed my ID for a credit card. Mistakenly changed the ID. Now everything is messed up. How do I delete the entire vault and start over? If I simply "delete" the vault, all the multiple duplicate bank accounts and incorrect credit card ID are still there. I need to start with nothing in the vault and only select from the actual solitary bank and correct credit card ID by adding the bank and the credit card.

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  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Alumni mod

    Hello @ King Cerdic

    Thank you for reaching out in the Community. Please follow these instructions to reset your Password Vault.

    Go to the Tools menu. Hover over Password Vault. From the menu that appears, click on RESET VAULT. This menu will appear:


    Create a new password. Confirm the new password. Click OK. The Password Vault should now be reset with all previous information cleared out.

    Thank you

    -          Quicken Diana

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    @Chris_QPW has the solution; deactivate the accounts then carefully reactivate and re-link them.
    But I think Quicken is misbehaving. There are 2 commands which a user might try: "Reset Vault" and "Delete Vault and all Saved Passwords". As far as I can tell, these do the same thing, just removing the passwords and leaving the FIs and user names intact. The latter command ought to leave the user with no vault at all.
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  • King Cerdic
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    Yes, I tried the two obvious methods and as you say, they basically did nothing to help my problem. I shall try Chris_QPW’s solution. It makes sense. Thank you, Rocky! (How’s Bullwinkle these days? 🤓)
  • King Cerdic
    King Cerdic Member ✭✭
    Chris_QPW It looks like you nailed it. All appears to be good now. I say "appears" because I won't know for sure until I have bank transactions and credit card transactions to confirm. That is to say, no error messages and only the correct ID's and passwords are now in the vault, as they were before, so all should be good!

    Thank you, Chris_QPW and Mr. Squirrel!
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