I sold a property and I am holding a mortgage- is there a "mortgage wizard"

I can't find a mortgage wizard to set up loan payment - paid to me.


  • jacobs
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    There is no mortgage wizard in Quicken Mac, and it also has no automated features for a loan you make to others. You'll need to create an asset account and record the mortgage payments you receive as a split between interest income and a transfer to reduce the asset.

    If you get a monthly payment, you can set this up as a scheduled monthly transaction, but you'll have to adjust the split amounts manually. You can find any number of websites to generate and print out an amortization schedule; use that to adjust the split amounts for interest and the asset transfer. While it's annoying that this isn't built into Quicken Mac, once you set it up, it'll take less than a minute per month to adjust the split amounts. 
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