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When I mark a category as an expense category, I do not want it to show up under "Money In" in a summary report. It should always show up under "Money Out." Sometimes, due to refunds, etc., money is added to an expense category, rather than subtracted. But the category should still always be included under the "Money Out" section of the report. When a particularly large reimbursement is made in an expense category, currently, the program moves that category, and its parent category, and its parent category, and all of that parent category's sub-category entries into the "Money In" section of the summary report. It shouldn't. All categories should show up under the "Money In" or "Money Out" section of the report based on whether the category is designated as an expense or income category when the category is created.


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    @DeniseCWoods Don't use the Category Summary report; use Create Summary Report on the Reports menu. The Category Summary report is an old part of the Quicken program which has been superseded by the newer Create xxx Report options. The old report is known to have several bugs, including missing data under certain circumstances and the one you described. 
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