Running Rental Property Manager 2017 and was forced to become a member. Now what?

As the title says, I use RPM 2017 to track my personal stuff and 1 rental. Back on April 30th, I had to get a membership, so I chose the Deluxe package. I believe that I have to download a quicken.exe install file to start and register my membership, and that will remove RPM and install the Deluxe version.
1) Is that correct?
2) If I wish to keep the functionality of RPM, do I need to upgrade to the very expensive $99 a year Home & Business plan? I hope not.


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  • Nalgas
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    I only use it to track expenses using categories, and to produce schedule E reports at tax time. I think that I can stay with the deluxe product. A hundred dollars a year, is a bit steep for unnecessary functionality.

    Will the new deluxe 2020 version convert the data file properly. Supposedly, right?
    Thank you.
  • Nalgas
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    > @GeoffG said:
    > Depends on your expectations of RPM functionality. You can manage a rental property for business tracking in Deluxe, but there is no invoicing or business reporting. If you are OK with that, then you can get by with Deluxe.And yes, you do need to download and install the subscription version.If you want to maintain everything manually, you can also stay with Q2017 and request a refund for Deluxe.

    I meant to quote you Geoff... See my reply before this one. Thanks
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