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I want to download and save my bank files from jan-dec 2019 from 2 different banks and save it on my desktop as a new quicken file to give to the accountant so they can open it on their computer, make changes, correct mistaken catagories, ect and use that to file my tax return. Then save that as a file and email it back to me, without us having to somehow be connected computer to computer and them messing around in my copy of quicken on my computer. Is that doable? This is my first post and don't know quicken that well. I'm using newest version of Quicken Home, Business and Rental Property


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    One of my banks (Chase) only lets me download pdf's of previous months statements because i still want paper copies of my account. Is there a function within Quicken that allows me to import pdfs? If not is there a free conversion program that allows me to convert pdf's to QIF or QFX? thanks
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    There is only two ways I know to correct transactions categories and such.
    One is to do it in Quicken (which is the only way once the transaction is in Quicken).  The other is that the transactions have to come into Quicken by QIF import, and the correct categories have to be in those QIF files before importing.
    Note that the QFX format doesn't allow categories, only the QIF format does.

    As far as PDF to QIF goes.  PDF is a very complicated format and on top of that when you are talking about transactions there isn't any standardized format. So there is no way to know that XXX column is the date and what format it is in and such. Not to mention that in some cases what you see in the PDF file is actually just an image so they might even need OCR just to change it into text.

    I have never seen a PDF converter for free, and even though I have never used one from what I have been told they are complicated to use and the output is usually to CSV/Excel format and then there you would have to then use a CSV/Excel to QIF converted.
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