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My credit card balance has been off by 1K for about a year now. It is correct in the register, but always 1K off in the account bar which has driven me nuts. To see if I could get to the bottom of it, I created a test file, created a new credit card account, copied all register entries into that, deleted all entries in the original credit card account, and still in the account tool bar I have a 1000 balance, in the register I have 0. Any thoughts as to why this would be? I don't have anything in the account start balance (see attached).

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  • jsc34615
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    I think I may have figured out why it is doing it, but I can't figure out how to fix it. I had savings goals in my Quicken file but deleted them because I found them cumbersome to work with. I deleted them and checked to have it delete records from account. However if I check "Show Savings Goals" the $1000 goes away, but since the Savings Goals are deleted I can't find out where it was from. Any ideas there?
  • Chris_QPW
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    Contributing to a savings goal is nothing more than a transfer to that account.
    It sounds like when you deleted the saving goal account the transfer didn't get deleted.  And as such if you found that transaction in the checking account you should be able to delete it there.

    But something you are saying doesn't add up.
    When you select the "Show Savings Goals" in the checking account is when you should see the transaction in the register, and when you deselect it, it goes away.  You are describing just the opposite.
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  • jsc34615
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    I have not found the transfer in either my checking or my credit card balance. It is very odd. There must be missing transactions but it has reconciled every month without issue.
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