How to change account types?

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Some of my accounts are correctly listed as Brokerage, IRA, Roth under Investments and Retirement ....One or two or IRA (Roth or Traditional) is showing as Brokerage while it should correctly read as Roth or Traditional (under Retirement)....I am unable to make changes under the pull down menu...


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    For converting a Brokerage account to an IRA, go to the account details and select Tax deferred (Yes), a button will appear to allow you to do the conversion.  Note though unfortunately that it will only allow a conversion to a traditional IRA, there is no selection for a Roth IRA (Something that I reported years ago, that has fallen on deaf hears).
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    thanks...what you described is what everyone would have dabbled with as these have features to choose relevant stuff....correct answer is your.....that has fallen on deaf ears...
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