Unable to expand Downloaded Transactions section of Register view

In viewing a Register, the Transaction section consumes most of the vertical window space and the 'Downloaded Transactions' section is very small and fixed. This is VERY inconvenient when you have many downloaded transactions and need to browse through them. There really should be a resizing option, e.g. a sizing option that appears when hovering over the divider, so you can expand the bottom section (Downloaded Transactions, Bill Reminders, etc.)

I suggested this several years ago to a support rep via phone. Nothing happened.

Is there some hidden way to achieve this? If not, how can a post or report this issue that it at least gets real consideration?

Thank you.


  • Sherlock
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    For non-investment registers, we are able to adjust the size.  The grab point is at the bottom of the last transaction in the register (above the Downloaded Transactions tab).  Move the mouse cursor slowly until the double-arrow icon appears.  Then, click and drag to resize.
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    I truly appreciate your replies but my concern is about investment registers, not non-investment registers. (I'd have said that earlier but didn't imagine there would be a difference.)

    So I think my original questions stand. I.e., if this ability is not in investment registers, how can I get someone’s attention about getting this fixed?

    Thank you.
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