Account updates - continual prompts for sending verification code

This has been going on for some time, even before I upgraded from an old version to the new 2020 subscription-based version. I have two Visa accounts at Chase, each with its own login. One has no problem at all when I click on Update Now. The other one always prompts me for sending a verification code, but no matter whether I select my phone number for sending a TXT message or my email for sending an email message, it never actually sends the message, and never goes to the screen waiting for me to enter the code that it says it will send. Once I select either of the options for sending the code, the box closes. All the while that this is happening, I can see in the background screen the updates coming in from Chase, and when the box closes, it prompts me to accept them.

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  • reedp
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    thank you - that fixed things perfectly!
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