Quickfill wildcard available in Mac version?


I have the same issue as this user:

However, the Quickfill pop-up on Mac does not offer the same options.

I want to say, IF transaction name CONTAINS "whatever," THEN categorize as...


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  • Chris_QPW
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    Note I use Quicken Windows so I can certainly be wrong about this, but looking at this answer:

    Quickfill in Quicken Mac seems to be equivalent Quicken Windows "Memorized Payee", which also doesn't have "wild cards".

    What seems to be missing is what Quicken Windows calls "Renaming rules".

    In Quicken Windows here is how the process works.  First the downloaded payee and memo are checked to see if they match any of the "contains" renaming rules.  If they match then the payee is changed to that payee.
    For instance:
    Payee: Safeway
    Rule: Contains: Safeway

    So a payee like "Safeway #434343" is turned into Safeway.

    Now that the payee is "normalized" it will match up with a "memorized payee" (quickfill in Quicken Mac) and as such then the proper category is selected from that memorzied payee/quickfill entry.
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  • Alex115
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    I see. So normalize payee names so that Quickfill can do its job. Thank you all!
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