I'm looking to buy Quicken Deluxe on Amazon (Product B082DNHYL3). I currently have Quicken Deluxe 2019 which I also purchased at Amazon on 11/23/18. Since I still had a while to go on my previous version, I didn’t activate it until sometime in 2019. It now shows that my subscription is up on June 30, 2020 which presumably is the end of my one year plus 2 month bonus period. My version now shows itself as Amazon 2020, Version R26.23, Build

The product listed on Amazon above shows that it’s a CD and is available with a 40% discount. However, since I no longer have a computer with a CD drive, will there also be a code in the box that will enable me to download Quicken from the Quicken website. (I seem to remember that that’s what I did with the 2019 version.)

Also, do I have to wait until June 30 to download the newer version in order to get a full year, or will it automatically update my current expiration date to June 30, 2021 if I download it when received?

Thank you.

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