Quicken Premier subscription (Windows) fails to complete Quicken ID login sequence

I have been running subscription Premier on a Mac in a VMWare Fusion - Windows 7 environment quite successfully for 7-8 months. It booted and operated fine until today (last used yesterday, May 16). (This environment is used solely for Quicken and I have made no adjustments and have not added software other than MS Windows updates.

When I boot the software now, it is slow, gets me to a Quicken ID login, and (if I'm lucky) gets me to a screen that recognizes my ID credentials and presents me with the option to download the software, which I already have. I can not move beyond this screen. The system may revert back to the page for recording ID credentials, but that is as far as it goes.

If I download the program again and try to reinstall, I now get a prompt to be sure I am booting in an appropriate OS, such as Windows 7.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and been able to resolve it?


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