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Okay, I am a LOOOOONG time Microsoft Money user. I actually converted from Money to Quicken for Mac yesterday. 25 years using MS Money. So far, I am loving the Quicken interface. I like the ability to easily download transactions and the fact that it doesn't take 10 minutes to load my Money data file that has 20 years of transactions is great. I decided to start fresh in Quicken and not try to import transactions from Money. I suspect it wasn't worth the trouble as I will just export Money transactions to CSV in case I ever need to look up something.

So far I am finding Quicken for Mac to be very easy to use. It took me a good chunk of time to connect to our accounts and reconcile the transactions between them since transfers didn't connect automatically. Luckily only the last few months of transactions downloaded. Now that all that is out of the way and I also reconciled all of the accounts that I could to their last statements and I think I have just about everything setup as I like it.

A few questions though, and I know some may not be experienced with MS Money, so I will try to explain them best I can.

1 - Is there a way in the register to only show unreconciled transactions? I see that I can filter by Status, but can't seem to find a way to filter by the "Clr" column.

2 - I can't figure out if it is possible to edit the date and amount of a specific bill before or during the "Mark as Paid". Sometimes my electric bill isn't always the $150 I have it set at and I have it in my Bills & Income with a date one day prior to when it is usually due. I often pay it early. Clicking on the Mark as Paid button just adds it to the register, then I have to go over to the account and edit the date and amount. In Money, when you click to add a bill to your register, it would popup and allow you to adjust the date or amount, I can't figure out if it is possible to do the same in Quicken for Mac.

3 - I can't figure out how to edit specific instances of a bill. Some bills I have set with a $0 amount and when the bill comes in I like to update the amount for projection purposes but not pay it right away. I found I can go in to Projected Balances and update the amount for a single item, but is this the only way to update specific instances?

4 - It would be nice if there were other schedules frequencies available. I have a couple bills due every four months. Also, certain things I like to track I would like to be able to set to # weeks. I guess this isn't in Quicken. To be fair, MS Money couldn't do this either, but it could do every four months.

Thanks in advance. I am sure there will be more questions as I go along, but I have found many answers already reading through the community forums.

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    Thanks. I was able to fix all my scheduled transactions using that small triangle. I had checked in there, but couldn't edit that field because I had it set to quarterly. Works for all of my schedules now.

    As for editing a schedule before marking as paid, I think I will go the route of using my account registers to update before making as paid/deposited. With this, there really won't be a need to work in Bills & Income unless I am adding or editing something or I want to do projections. I just wish there was reporting for projections. I don't really like how the current projections work. Lining up the dates with the green dots isn't easy and a lot of times the popup box blocks the green dots.

    Thank you both for the responses. Very helpful.
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