Quicken Cloud Sync Errors

This weekend after a Quicken update, I started receving a window with a number of important severity status ratings when performing a Cloud Sync. If I were to page down, I would do that over 30 times before getting to the end of the list. The same error message is repeated numerous times within the window which I uncluded below:

The desktop transaction in "" on "" for $0.00 was not synced. The reference resource (parameter=accountid, id=219025840469503233) does not exist.

Attached is a screen shot of the errors.

Any suggestions on how to address this since it does not give me an option for repairing and has come up with every sync performed over the last couple of days?

If I click the Apply Now button the sync seems to start over and the message comes up again. i am not sure if it is doing anything since there are so many identical messages. If I click the Later button, the windows goes away and the sync ends immediately, I can't tell if that means it completed normally or not.

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