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I want to revert back to Quicken 2000 from Quicken 2013 on my Win 7 laptop. Is this possible.

I recently converted my Quicken 2000 to Quicken 2004 and then to Quicken 2013 on my Win 7 laptop in preparation to transferring these files to my Quicken account on my Win 10 laptop. However, my Win 10 hard drive crashed this AM (Sun, 5/17/20 around 5:30 AM) and after converting the Quicken 2000 files up to Quicken 2013, I find that I don't like the look or feel of this version (and I suspect that Quicken 2020 is basically the same), so I would like to revert back to my Quicken 2000 program. Is it possible to do this?


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