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How do I adjust cost for a Wash Sale

Bought 30 shares at $41.40 on 8/2/18.
Sold 20 shares at $30.13 on 5/8/20
Bought 10 shares at $28.30 on 5/15/20
Quicken shows 10 shares at 41.40 and 10 shares at 28.3
Broker shows 10 shares at 41.40 and 10 shares at 39.57 (Price adjusted for Wash Sale)

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  • marklandes
    marklandes Member
    Thank you :)
  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    What that doesn't do, however, is reverse the capital  loss within Quicken.  There's no simple way of doing that so just remember to ignore that loss come tax time.
  • marklandes
    marklandes Member
    Yes, true but the $ amount is not significant in this case and for taxes I send out all 1099's to outside accountant.
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