Launch a Quicken file from the dock on macOS

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I have a shortcut in my dock to launch the Quicken for Mac app.

If I right click (secondary click) on the Quicken icon, the contextual menu appears with available options. Including a list of my recent opened Quicken files.

If I select a Quicken file that was NOT my last open file, I’m first promoted to enter the last opened file's password first, then prompted for the password for the selected file.

File 1
File 2
File 3
File 4

File 1 was the last open file. Right click the Quicken icon from the dock and selected File 4. At this point, I’m prompted for File 1’s password (the last opened file) then prompted for File 4’s password.

I'm curious if there's a reason why the user must first enter the last opened file’s password before opening the selected Quicken file?

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