How do I change the font on the Accounts column on a mac version?

I have tried all the menus but I can only get to change the register font

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  • Bob 2020
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    Thanks John_in_NC. It is nice to know Someone's got my back. I've been using Quicken for some 20 yrs but have hardly gone deeply and now I updated and some new things I don't like yet. Thank again for the help. Bob_in_TLV for my friends
  • Bob 2020
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    Hard to believe but true. Thanks for the feedback
  • jacobs
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    @aunapu  We just got size options in the registers a year or two ago, so maybe font sizes for the sidebar will follow in the future. ;) It isn't something I've seen many complaints/requests about, which may be why it isn't high on the development priority list. (In general, the developers have prioritized adding functionality that's missing from Quicken over user aesthetic interface enhancements.)

    Meanwhile, if you find the fonts too small, you can enlarge your entire screen with a single keyboard command while you're using Quicken. First, go to System Preferences > Accessibility and make sure the "Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom" box is checked. Now, Command-Option-plus enlarges your screen, and Command-Option-minus reduces your screen. It's not a perfect substitute for being able to adjust font sizes in the sidebar; I'm just mentioning it in case you find it helpful.
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  • Bob 2020
    Bob 2020 Member
    I get your point. It is not that big of a deal to allow for font change once you have developed a sophisticated program. The aesthetics of the interface is also a factor. Thanks for the reply.
  • aunapu
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    Thanks for the reply and alternative solution. Cheers.
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