Portfolio Value Graph by Account totals don't equal account totals

In my Portfolio Value Graph by Account several of the account totals don't equal what is shown in the account totals in my listing of accounts. I have the same securities selected but the totals are significantly off on several of the accounts.


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    I never, ever, have used that graph that I can recall but, prompted by your post, I went and looked at the Graph and found that, in the main, the dollars shown on that graph were generally within a few pennies of what I saw under the Account Bar, except for one Account that was significantly off.  When I opened that Account the Holdings window showed the Account negative cash by over $7K, which I knew could not be the case.
    Scrolling up the transaction list I saw why the Account was negative cash: there were numerous "Withdraw" actions, all marked "R" for reconciled, and I recognized these withdrawals as entries I'd made, fairly recently, in various Spending Accounts!
    I shut Quicken down, re-opened the program, and called up the graph again.  This time all the Account dollars shown on the Graph, except for two Accounts, agreed to the Account Bar dollars.  For the two Accounts that didn't agree a quick review didn't explain the dollar differences, so I "customized" the graph by working through all the customization tabs.  First I unchecked the "show hidden" box, then "cleared all" followed by "select all."  That seemed to do the trick and the graph and Account Bar now agree.
    In your case, could you identify any obvious reason(s) for the discrepancy, something similar to me seeing those "Withdraw" actions in an Account that should have had none?  I'm wondering if this is (yet another) case where the "snapshots" are either wrong or if the generation of the snapshot somehow is causing problems in what you're seeing in the Accounts themselves.

    ADDED: Since I don't use that snapshot I didn't realize that you can customize the graph itself, separately from the Report.  Up in the left hand corner of the main "Investments > Allocations" screen you can select the Accounts and Securities to include here.  That selection is automatically saved.  So I'd suggest trying that first.
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