Debt Reduction Tab, Quicken won't allow the actual minimum payments from CC companies to be entered

Hi, I am trying to properly setup my Debt Reduction Plan. I am entering the information right of the most recent Credit Card Statements and Quicken flags it and states "based on % rate the minimum payment must be" It wants to ad a higher rate and won't let me proceed with the minimum payment amount from the credit card statement. This is happening with nine of the Cards. I want the actual minim payment amount as stated from the CC company. Quicken can recommend more in the recommended payoff plan which would be fine. Otherwise when Quicken calculates the payoff options the minimum payment option is incorrect because it is based on the higher amount that Quicken wants to be used. I read other complaints of same and the replies well based on your amount and rates quicken would be the correct amount. But how is that accurate if the loan providers are stating otherwise. Nine accounts entered with info right off the current statements and Quicken disagrees with all of them and prevents override. The older similar post from other people were either not resoled or gave links to post were they were said to have been solved but the links are dead.


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    Well I can confirm that this problem is still in the latest version of Quicken Windows.

    It certainly seems like one of the cases where they are trying prevent the novice user from making a mistake, but in forcing their assumption they have put in a block that shouldn't be there.  It also seems like a trivial fix, so it must be that it has never gotten to a point where a developer was assigned to fix it.
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