Exporting a report via "Copy to Clipboard" - NEW PROBLEM LOST FORMAT

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Has anyone else experienced the above new problem? For the last several years I have routinely generated a saved report in Quicken Windows and then copied it using "Copy to Clipboard". I then paste it into a formatted Excel spreadsheet template for additional analysis. The copied data has always stayed consistent to the WYSIWYG original formatting of the Quicken Report on screen. I had not performed this task in the last couple of weeks (we've had a couple new updates). Yesterday - the copy to clipboard function / result has completely lost its formatting!?? The export to Excel looks OK but adds a whole new step of naming / saving a new spreadsheet for the data to be exported to. Then copying from the new spreadsheet into the old template! Quicken Tech - could you please look into what broke on the "Report - Copy To Clipboard" pasted format? Please advise? Tx!!! JN

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    This a user to user forum, and Quicken tech support does not regularly monitor it.

    I suggest you contact Support directly if you want them to review the problem.
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    Just went through an experiment on this 'cuz I use the 'Copy to Clipboard' as my preferred transfer. 

    To a new Excel file, the first paste seemed to glitch.  I undid that paste, and copy and pasted a second time  That posted in OK.  I then formatted some cells, and repeated another copy & paste.  That paste kept the prior formatting intact. 

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    Thanks for your responses. I yesterday attempted again after opening the program. It worked / kept the proper formatting after clipping to the clipboard and pasting into my Excel Template!!? Go figure?.. A clipboard memory issue? Chasing ghosts... Really appreciate your input.
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