Near the end of account update process register begins flashing very quickly and program stops respo

Near the end of account update process register begins flashing very quickly and program stops responding. The latest has been installed. What is fix?.


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    Do you get black screen flashing?  Have you tried just leaving the program alone for 10-20 minutes to see if it will stop doing that and complete the OSU process?
    Some have reported this happening (it happens to me, too) and OSU is taking a long time to complete.  For me, with 10 FIs (split evenly between DC and EWC accounts) it often takes 7-10 minutes when it used to complete in 2-4 minutes.  I have 3 other Quicken data files with less than 4 FIs each included in OSU and they running normally.  Others with more accounts have reported it taking more than 15 minutes. 
    In these reported cases it sometimes appears that Quicken has stopped responding but it really hasn't.  Wait long enough and the process will complete and Quicken will respond normally, again.  In my situation it appears to be some issue with EWC accounts in OSU and the more EWC accounts included in OSU the longer it takes.  
    Quicken is investigating this issue but I haven't seen an Alert posted, yet.  If you want to read more about this:  OSU taking too long.  If you bookmark it (check the star to the right of the title of the post thread) you will be kept informed of any updates added to it.

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    Hello @Bert Combs

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. Has this been happening since recently? We could try out a mondo patch to see if we're able to get the program to not freeze when processing the update. The mondo patch can be found here.  Once it's been installed you can try it out and see if we're still freezing when updating.

    Try it out and let us know how it goes!


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