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I made a copy of my Quicken data file and named it TEST. I ran File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate. The program began running then stopped on "Validating file… Checking stock splits." (See attached image.) After an hour, I broke the connection and again logged into TEST.

I ran a transaction report of my investment accounts and found nine stock splits. I deleted each entry and then saved the file as TEST2. I ran the Validate program on TEST2 with the same results – stuck on "Validating file… Checking stock splits." (Even though there were no Stock Split transactions.) After an hour, I force closed the file.

I am running Quicken Release R 26.23 (the latest) on my Windows desktop. Although this issue has been mentioned, I have not been able to find a resolution.

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    Thank you for your speedy reply. Your fix worked. Item resolved.

    I ran the Super Validate program on TEST (a copy of the original data file), but after a while, I had to force close Quicken.

    Then I ran Super Validate on TEST2 (the one with the stock splits removed). The program completed and it made fixes in various accounts. I saved a copy of TEST2 and named it TEST3. On TEST3, I reentered the nine stock splits that I had previously removed.

    I ran reports on TEST3 and compared them to the original data file numbers and the accounts balanced. No data loss.

    I then ran the regular (not super) validation on the corrected TEST3 file. It completed in under five minutes and the log showed no errors.
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