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Years ago, when I was using Quicken 2003 or such on Windows, I was able to easily move between transactions that had been transferred from another account. Usually, this was a payment on a debt. The original transaction was a payment from my checking account. It would be posted on the corresponding liability account as a decrease in the balance. It is not unusual to need to review such transactions later, especially if splits were involved. You cannot edit the receiving transaction, only the sending transaction. No problem. I could right-click on the posting and see the option of "Go to matching transfer." It would take me to the original posting so I could get to it quickly and make whatever changes I needed to me. That option is not available in Quicken for Mac. I think it is also missing from Quicken for Windows but I am not sure. I miss it.


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    The feature is still nn Quicken Windows.  I think one of the main reasons it isn't on Quicken Mac is its history, which in turn might mean that it will be brought back at some time.

    When Quicken Mac was rewritten starting in 2007 and released in 2010 as Quicken Mac they made the decision to go with a "non linked" transfer field.  Basically just a field the user could put whatever they liked into it.   Needless to say without a link between the two accounts a "Go to matching transfer" feature is next to impossible to do, and get right.

    Later they decided to put in a linked transfer field.  Needless to say this history has introduced some problems for the developers as they have two fields and the user can in fact introduce "double counting" of a transaction in reports and such unless the developers jump through hoops to prevent it.

    Anyways from what I hear Quicken Mac developers are pushing get this back to just one linked transfer field, and so hopefully they should be able to add your feature request too.
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    You can do this in QMac.
    You need to have the Transfer field displayed in the register.
    Hover the cursor over the Transfer field of a transaction - or highlight (select) the transaction.
    A right-arrow icon will appear to the tight of the transfer field.
    Click on the arrow icon and the otber half of the transfer will be displayed in a pop-up register.
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    In addition to what @J_Mike said, if you try to edit the "wrong" end of a transfer transaction, you will be offered to go the the originating end thus:

    The Transfer field does not need to be visible. It only works, of course, for linked transfers, not for two independent transactions.
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  • Thank you J_Mike and RickO! I am pretty sure that I crossed over into an alternative universe where Quicken is different. Maybe that was a recent change? Anyway, problem solved!
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