Some transactions are not showing up in reports

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When I run a report for transaction under a certain category, they don't show up. This causes problems when I'm trying to get my budget in order.

For example, I want to track my spending for student loans and I use a category for them. They don't show up in the transaction report for category nor do they show up in my budgeted items. Any suggestions?

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  • pete4sure
    pete4sure Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the insight. The information popped right up when I ran the report you suggested.

    Now, what about the issue with the budget? I show zero actual money for the category. How do I budget for a loan payment?
  • jacobs
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    Ah yes, budgeting for loan payments; I meant to address that…

    You can't. Currently, there's no way to include fund transfers, such as loan principal payments, in a budget. Some people have come up with workarounds like dummy transactions, but the real solution awaits an update from the developers. The good news: they've acknowledged this as a significant need, and further, promised it's being worked on. In fact, the ability to selectively include transfers in reports, which was added in the past half year, was a necessary step on the way to providing similar functionality for budgets. The bad news: this and several other budget requests mean the developers have to do major re-writing of the budgeting code in Quicken Mac, and it's taking longer than it seems they originally expected. There have been a few hints that this functionality may be coming in the months ahead, but we don't know when they'll release new features.
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  • DauARPY
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    Just in case someone stumbles across my " issue where transactions are not included in Category Transaction reports” similar to pete4sure’s issue, I wanted to explain how I solved the problem. As a recent convert from QMac 2007 to subscription QMac Premier 2020, with over 100 accounts, and thousands of transactions, I have been reconciling, testing, tweaking and running parallel for 2 of 3 months. In QMac 2007, I used a leading space to name several of my most used accounts so they would appear at the top of the “Accounts List” and the “Registers List". Apparently, when the data was converted to QMac Premier 2020, the leading space caused these accounts to be hidden in the “In reports" feature in subscription QMac Premier 2020. They were included “In “lists” but not in reports. Once I changed the account names to omit the leading space and changed the account settings to NOT hide “In reports”, all of the transactions from these accounts were included in Category Transaction and Payee reports as expected. In hindsight I should have reviewed all accounts immediately after converting to assess the “hide and show” statuses in both lists and reports.
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