Quicken Bill manager third party check payor

Hoe do you reach the third party that does the CHECK PAY in bill manager


  • jacobs
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    You don't. ;)

    Unlike the old bill payment provider, Quicken Support now handles all support for the new Quick Pay and Check Pay systems. So you simply contact Quicken Support.

    In theory, this makes for a better customer service experience; it was always problematic that Quicken customers needed to deal with Metavante, which wasn't the best with customer support, and Quicken folks couldn't real get involved if there was a problem. Under their new set-up, Quicken Support reps can troubleshoot problems, and if the third-party provider is needed, they can reach out to them directly. Of course, how well this will work comes down to how good a job Quicken's support reps do with handling bill payment questions and problems. 
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