How to match downloaded transactions?

I see both the transaction I entered and the downloaded transactions. The amount, date, payee, and payee all match and I can't find anyway to match the transactions.

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    Just FYI, this "drag-and-drop" approach is the expected behavior, as described here:

    However, In some cases, this action does NOT actually work. Reference:

    The instructions provided in these cases, is to choose "Unmatch" from the contextual menu - but in my case, even this didn't work. The "Match Status" column for these indicated that both transactions (which are almost identical, and should obviously be merged) were both "downloaded", which is incorrect: My credit card only shows a single entry for this vendor + amount + date, even though Quicken decided to create two entries upon performing the online update.

    The only solution I was able to pursue, was to manually update one of the entries with any missing data from the other (notes, etc.), then manually delete that secondary transaction - confirming when presented with the "This transaction was downloaded. Are you sure you want to delete it?" prompt.

    It would be very helpful if Quicken were to allow us to more-directly resolve these issues by allowing us to perform such destructive behaviors directly - don't second-guess that because the app (incorrectly) logged two different entries for the same actual transaction, that we should never be allowed to resolve this issue ourselves.

    I don't remember this being an issue in previous versions of Quicken. Was it a new limitation, introduced with the subscription version?
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