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I went through the steps to set up Quicken's new bill-paying service, waiting three days for micro deposit show up in my checking account to verify the account. I attempted to use Check Pay to send a local creditor a bill payment by mail. I quickly ran into trouble:
I started a new transaction (+), left the date in place, selected Check Pay, which put Mail in the Check # box, then added the payee from existing database and was told I had to verify the address. Did that. Entered category and amount and clicked Enter. I got a new little icon indicating it was sending, then a pop-up: "Wells Fargo Bank cannot deliver your payment to [Payee] by [today's date] because that date is either too early for Wells Fargo Bank or falls on a weekend or holiday." So I returned to the transaction and changed the date to one six days ahead (not a weekend or holiday) and tried again. Another pop-up: "The date of this payment cannot be changed until the payment has been processed." So now what? It won't accept the date that's there and won't let me change it. Okay, let's delete transaction and start over. Nope. "You cannot delete a processing Check Pay transaction. Please wait until the check is in transit or cancel the check first." Delete is grayed out, and I can't find anything in Quicken's online help or the community to tell me how to cancel a check. I've been a Quicken user since Quicken 3 for DOS, but my recent forced switch to Premier 2020 v 5.16.1 (Mac) dropped me into a whole new world of error messages. Spent an hour on the phone with live Tech Support (Yes, I got a live, English-speaking support rep.), but after running several routines, the tech went away for a while and came back saying there was an issue with Bill Pay (the service that's going away this summer) and that it would be fixed within 24 hours. Let's hope.
Meanwhile, I continue to live by my motto: No upgrade goes unpunished.


  • jacobs
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    I'm a little confused by the end of your story: the rep told you there was a problem with Bill Pay (the old Metavante service), which you are not using. So what did that response have to do with your problem with the new Check Pay?

    Since the Check Pay service is, well, new, not a lot of people here have much experience with quirks and cracks and problems, like the one you seem to have fallen into. Quicken Support -- for better or worse -- is probably the best place to try to get an issue like this resolved. As with customer/tech support from any company, if you don't get a satisfactory solution with one representative, you may have to try again in the hope of getting someone better able to fix the problem or track it down.
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  • Michael Putzel
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    Quicken Support promised me a fix within 24 hours. That was on May 28. I am still waiting--with my ability to pay bills online not working at all and attempts to connect to my bank rejecting access with Download error (2000). I've been a Quicken user since Quicken for DOS 3.0, and I don't remember a critical failure like this one--and no help!
  • jacobs
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    Have you contacted Quicken Support again? You didn’t answer the questions I asked about your previous post, but only Quicken Support can look at what’s going on with you specific problem. Users in general are not reporting major problems with bill payment, so digging into your issue is probably best with a representative who can view your screen. I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in Support following up with you; you have to be proactive and reach out again.
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