Can I keep using Quicken Bill Pay?


  • bobandsue
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    since you moved the changeover date to August, should i keep using the current QBP?
  • bobandsue
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    i pay over 20 payees monthly- will Bill Manager work for me? whats the alternative
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    The Provider of QBP, Metavante, is discontinuing that service.  So 8/31 is the "drop-dead" date for QBP.
    Whether Bill Manager will work for you isn't possible to answer unless you tell us how you use QBP.
    re: Alternatives?  I don't use QBP, and won't be using Bill Manager.  Almost all of my bills are set up for Direct Debit from the bill issuer to  my bank account,  and for the rest I  use my bank's (Fidelity Investments) FREE bill payment service with unlimited payments per month.
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    On a bit friendlier note  :).  If you currently have Quicken BillPay access you can continue to use BillPay until it goes away on August 31.  Bill Manager payments currently have serious limitations such as no advance scheduling and a rigid limit on number of payees each month.  You can read through a few threads regarding Bill Manager and get the flavor of the problems.  Quicken has said it will provide a revised Bill Manager system by late summer.  They have not committed to any specific modifications such as number of payments/month.  They have said they would add some form of advance scheduling.  Until Quicken issues the update or makes some commitment in advance (which they rarely do) it's unlikely you will know whether you can make it work for you or not.  There are some options for direct payments from some Financial Institutions that will likely continue to to work after Quicken BillPay goes away.  
    I am also in the wait and see mode.  Still using BillPay and waiting to see what Quicken comes up with.  

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