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So many times I have entered deposits - say I have four checks to deposit and I put each one on a line vs using the split because I want the detail - payee etc.

My idea
1. I select the entries I want to total on the Register - using the Ctrl - mouse click to highlight entries.
2. Then I want a quick popup option to get a total of those entries so I can match it up to the downloaded entries from the bank (I only get the total - not the details of each check deposited).
3. I also would like to have a quick register report option on those highlighted entries. I could use these to attach to my copies of the checks deposited for filing.


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    How about this instead ...

    Intermediate deposit account for H&B,RPM (a.k.a. "Suspense Account"):

    When you receive multiple payments by check per day but only make one summary deposit to your bank ...

    - Create a cash (or manual checking [*]) account, named something like "Checks to Deposit" with an Opening Balance of $0.00

    - When filling out the New Customer Payment form, deposit the check to "Checks to Deposit" instead of your regular bank checking account.

    - At the end of the day, tally up all checks on your deposit slip. In Quicken, in the "Checks to Deposit" account make a transfer transaction "Daily Deposits" in the amount of your deposit slip. Put the amount into the Payment column. As category choose your checking account, surrounded by [square brackets], e.g. [ABC Bank Checking]. Verify that this reduces the balance in the "Checks to Deposit" account back to zero (or you have made a mistake somewhere along the way).

    [*] During the Add Account dialog, choose a checking account and, on the next screen, click on the words "Advanced Setup" then finally choose "I want to enter transactions manually".

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    I don't really understand this request.

    If you have put in multiple transactions and then select them then the "details" are right in front of you.  And when you select more than one transaction in the register the total is shown at the bottom left of the register.  So I don't see what is missing.

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    Thanks Chris that's exactly what I was looking for - Getting blind at my old age.
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