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Hi There, I have some gaps in my Quicken file and my bank only exports CSV reports. Can I import the CVS reports and fill in the missing months in my Quicken file? Thanks, Kristi

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  • Kiatwell
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    Can Quicken import Excel spreadsheets?
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    Actually there are CSV to QIF converters available.  There are even add-on to excel which reportedly can do the conversion.  I believe one of the add-ons is XL2QIF.  
    I'm not sure how well they work but they might be worth a try.  Try a google search or search this community for further information.  I'm not sure that all versions of Quicken will import QIF transaction files so it might be good to verify that your version will before making the conversion. 

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    Thanks JR!
  • J_Mike
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    QMac does not import QIF files = nor does it import "Excel spreadsheets".
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  • Kiatwell
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    Does that mean it imports CSV files?
  • NotACPA
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    Sorry, but no. @John_in_NC already answered that.
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    Quicken Mac will only import a QFX file. There is a converter you can purchase that will convert CSV, OFX, and QIF files to QFX so that they can be imported into Quicken Mac. However, it does this by “tricking” Quicken into thinking the QXF file came from a supported financial institution (it defaults to Wells Fargo). The program can be found here:

    I use it to import my Apple Cash account transactions into Quicken from a PDF statement. This isn’t officially supported though, so use at your own risk. 
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