How to unhide transaction entry?

My mortgage account is not showing the transaction entry list. When I go to edit account, Display Options tab, the "Hide in transaction entry lists" option is checked and grayed out so I cannot uncheck it. I'm assuming this is why the transaction list is not showing up for the account. Why is this? How do I get this checkbox editable so I can uncheck it? Thanks!

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @ steffmo,

    When you originally setup the mortgage account, did you let Quicken do the setup - i.e. did you select the lender and let it connect, or did you select "manual loan setup"?


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  • steffmo
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    I'm pretty sure I let quicken setup the account. I'm thinking I should just delete and re-add the account?
  • steffmo
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    Thanks so much for this information. Makes perfect sense... Even though it's a bit odd!
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