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I like to view posts by clicking on "Recent Discussions" in the sidebar. This brings up all discussions, with the most recent at the topic. I would like to filter the posts so that I see only those related to one topic (in my case Mac). Instead, I have to scroll through all of the posts for Windows, Mobile, Quicken on the Web, etc., none of which are of interest to me.

Is there a way to filter posts so that I see only the topic(s) in which I'm interested? Note that clicking on "Categories" in the sidebar, then "Quicken for Mac" is not helpful, because then I have 15 different topic groups to review.

I know this forum is not run by Quicken, so I'm not asking them to do anything. I'm just asking to see if any users have found a better way to navigate this than I have.



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    I suggest you select the categories you'd like to follow and when you view Recent Discussions only discussions in the categories you have chosen to follow should appear: select Categories, navigate to a category, select Follow to the right of the category's name to follow the category (select Following to stop following the category).  Note: We're also able to toggle follow and following by selecting the gear icon for a category instead of selecting the category.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing what you state in your answer. Here is what I did.
    1. Clicked on Categories. The heading says "All Categories" and the dropdown for View: has "All." There is no "Follow" to the right of each heading and the gear icon has only one option – Mark Read. (see attachment).
    2. Clicked on Quicken for Mac. There I see the Mac categories. There is still no "Follow" to the right of the category name, but at least the gear icon now gives "Follow" as well as "Mark Read" as options. I clicked on Follow for a few of the topics. By the way, once I follow a topic, the option to toggle is "Unfollow" not "Following" as you state.
    3. Then I went back to Recent Discussions to view, but all the topics are still there, not just the ones I'm following.
    Since this is a website, I can't imagine that my using MacOS and your using Windows should cause these differences – can it?

    Thanks for any additional ideas you may have.

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    I'm using MacOS:

    To see the categories you're following, in the All Categories view select Following:

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