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I’ve used Quicken for many years on PC. Looking for advice about transitioning to new MacBook Pro. Planning to buy Mac software. Which is recommended for experienced user who doesn’t need to download transactions but I want to use Quicken iPhone app? Thanks in advance.

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  • NotACPA
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    Have you compared the various features between QWin and QMac, to see if QMac will meet your needs?
    While significant advances have been made in QMac recently, it still doesn't have all of the capability of QWin.
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  • Kaleym
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    Thanks. I assumed they were the same. I’ll investigate.
  • Kaleym
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    I’m sure the Mac version will be fine as long as it communicates with the online app. I’m more concerned about getting my data file from the PC version onto the new Mac. My PC died & I’m hoping to be able to get the file off my hard drive. Again, any advice appreciated. Thanks
  • Kaleym
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    Thanks Francisco.
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